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8–18 Januar 2015

8–18 Januar 2015


Versuche über Theorie und Praxis unabhängigen Publizierens | Reflections on Theory and Practice of Independent Publishing

8–18 Januar 2015
neue Gesellschaft für bildende Kunst (nGbK), Berlin

Ausstellung, Workshop, Veranstaltungen | 
Exhibition, Workshop, Events

adocs, Hamburg
Architektur in Gebrauch, Berlin
Archive Books, Berlin
Michael J. Baers, Berlin
Books People Places, Berlin
Botopress, Berlin
Edition Bernward Reul, Berlin
Ernst und Mund, Leipzig
Errant Bodies, Berlin/Los Angeles
form und sinn, Berlin
Fulcrum, London
image-shift, Berlin
Wolfgang Kil, Berlin
Metabook, Amsterdam/Berlin
metroZones, Berlin
nGbK, Berlin
Revolver Publishing, Berlin
Scriptings/Achim Lengerer, Berlin
Spector Books, Leipzig
Temporary Services/Half Letter Press, Chicago/Kopenhagen
The Green Box, Berlin
von hundert, Berlin
ztscrpt, Wien/Berlin

Mit einfachen Mitteln selbst zu publizieren, ist eine gängige Praxis. Je enger die finanziellen Spielräume, desto größer scheint der Enthusiasmus. Distribution und Rezeption kleiner Druckpublikationen können aber schnell an Grenzen stoßen. Das Wissen um die Feinheiten des Bücherverlegens ist keine Selbstverständlichkeit. Deshalb analysiert und diskutiert Drucken Heften Laden die Bedingungen und Möglichkeiten des unabhängigen Publizierens im Umfeld von Kunst und Stadt(politik). Die Ausstellung präsentiert ein temporäres Archiv, das aus ausgewählten nGbK-Publikationen seit 1969 und zeitgenössischen Büchern und Heften besteht. Parallel findet ein dreitägiger Workshop mit den Beteiligten statt, dessen Themen und Ergebnisse in die öffentliche Veranstaltungsreihe einfließen.

Self-publishing with simple means is a common endeavour, and the less money is available, the greater the enthusiasm seems to be. But the distribution and perception of small print publications can quickly reach limits. The relevant know-how about the intricacies of book publishing is not something to be taken for granted. So Drucken Heften Laden will analyse and discuss the conditions and possibilities for independent publishing in the context of art and city (politics). The exhibition presents a temporary archive, with selected nGbK titles published since 1969 and contemporary books and journals. Running parallel to this is a three-day closed workshop, the themes and results of which will be integrated in the public series of events.

(Alle Veranstaltungen in englischer Sprache | All events in English language)

Mittwoch | Wednesday, 7 Januar 2015, 19h

Ausstellungseröffnung / Exhibition opening

The Inside and the Outside of a Book
Eine Präsentation von | A presentation by Brandon LaBelle

The book is a repository of voices; the book is a scene of mystery; the book is an object and a subject; the book hides, and then surfaces; the book whispers, screams, trembles, withstands; the book travels, it migrates; it also sits still; the book collects dust; the book may stand – it even lies down, or folds over; the book smells; the book demands attention; the book may catch fire; it may survive as well; the book creates shadows, hides the face, distracts us; it incites glances; and on certain days, the book inspires radical activity; the book is erotic; the book is annoying – it figures an emotional landscape; inside; outside; all around; the book is a global project.

Brandon LaBelle is an artist, writer and theorist working with sound culture, voice, and questions of agency. He develops and presents artistic projects and performances within a range of international contexts, often working collaboratively and in public. Recent projects include „Civic Center“, La Casa Encendida, Madrid, „Sixth Housing Estate“, South London Gallery, London, and „Hobo College“, Marrakech Biennial parallel project. He is the editor of Errant Bodies Press and author of Lexicon of the Mouth (2014), Diary of an Imaginary Egyptian (2012), Acoustic Territories (2010), and Background Noise: Perspectives on Sound Art (2006). He lives in Berlin. www.errantbodies.org

Freitag | Friday, 9 Januar 2015, 19h

Publishing in the Realm of Plant Fibres and Electrons
Ein Vortrag von | A lecture by Brett Bloom

Temporary Services has been publishing in plant fibers and electrons since we began. We seek to make the aspects of our art working and our publishing transparent and open for others to see, challenge, and borrow from. Brett Bloom will be present to talk about the group’s publishing history and how it uses both print and digital publications to build community, tell stories that are neglected or go untold, challenge the dominant culture and narratives around art, and to champion art that does not serve commercial interests. Among things that will be discussed are: the anti-social nature of ebooks; why Print On Demand hurts artist publishing; the democratic and liberatory uses of PDFs for making an artist book commons; the differences between „artist books“ and „artist publishers,“ and trying to understanding the complicated ecological issues of printing in either paper or digital mediums.

Temporary Services is Brett Bloom and Marc Fischer. We are based in Copenhagen and Chicago. We have existed, with several changes in membership and structure, since 1998. We produce exhibitions, events, projects, and publications. The distinction between art practice and other creative human endeavors is irrelevant to us. We started Half Letter Press, a publishing imprint and online store, in 2008 to publish book length works by people working in non-commercial and experimental ways. Our latest title is An Edge Effect: Art & Ecology in the Nordic Landscape, edited by Bonnie Fortune (2014). www.temporaryservices.org, www.halfletterpress.com

Donnerstag | Thursday, 15 Januar 2015, 19h

Self-Publishing – The New Economy of the Book
Ein Vortrag von | A lecture by Delphine Bedel

Delphine Bedel will speak about the drastic economic and technological changes occurring in the publishing industry, and how this affects artistic practice and art institutions. In the perspective of the book as a privilege medium for artists, her talk will address the shift from print to software culture. Besides looking at new modes of production and distribution as well as expanded forms of „books“, her new research project and publishing platform Metabook will be presented.

Delphine Bedel works as curator, artist and publisher, specialised in emerging publishing practice in photography, art and design. Founder of Metabook and Amsterdam Art/Book Fair. She regularly contributes to books and magazines, and is a frequent speaker in international conferences and seminars. Currently PhD Researcher at Leiden University/PhDArts and Research Fellow at ZK/U in Berlin. www.delphinebedel.com

nGbK-Projektgruppe | nGbK project group 

Erik Göngrich, Heimo Lattner, Katja Reichard, Ines Schaber, Peter Schmidt, Florian Wüst

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