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Art contemporary in Prenzlauer Berg

Kultur in Pankow

Announcements of art events in prenzlauer berg will be published in german and english on media network of pankower allgemeine zeitung. Our news syndication system reaches crowd of about 50.000 people in berlin-brandenburg.

Crossmedia Redaktion
Crossmedia Redaktion: Redaktion, PR, Syndication – alles ist möglich – zu günstigsten Kosten!

Invisible Crowd Funding for artists and gallerys

Each announcement initiates a invisible crowdfunding for your art event. Please look at the right coordination of Your art events with:

abc art berlin contemporary – 17 – 20 SEP 2015
BERLIN ART WEEK – 15 – 20 SEP 2015

We suggest, to use register tools for a better management of events and preventation of overcrowding effects.

Further information, calendar and pricing:

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