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sceene berlin

In september a new „social information magazine“ will start in berlin. What are the places You have to go to? What are the sceenes, which are worth to be seen? Which are the best sceenes were You should meet Your friends and fans?

Which are the best hotels, hostels or youth hostels in Berlin? You´ll find the best locations, best events, best leisure activities, the best journey through a sceene. You can seek & find: what´s Your best day of life at Your best sceene in Berlin? surprises with sudden and real time references about the best tips and journeys through the city. The new type of real-time magazine will improve all kinds of locations and all kinds of cultural offers and leisure activities.
Even the best startup-activities, best conventions and sport events are „on the screen“.

Real-Time Magazine & Mediascape of Berlin will show life and changing sceenes all over the big city Berlin. In englisch & german.

Best events, best cultural & art events and best festivals are in the focus. The most special offers of beverages & drinks, best dinner & best snack offers at a time in a sceene will be found at The site integrates a magazine and its related apps & services.

Also the best time to get to the best sceene will be announced: morning, noon, afternoon, evening & night. Find the best days of the week of any sceene.
Your festivals, sceene-events and specials will help, to improve a local sceene, a local event or a location. stimulates any kind of human activities in a defined area and a circumscribed time-slot. connects desktops, tablets, smartphones & car navigation computers and social media-services. Its part of the new berlin topology of internet: open source – in fair partnership to the mozilla manifesto.

Application procedure started starts its engagement now! We are seeking now:

Best sceene to sleep
Best Hotels, best hostels and youth hostels

Best Meeting Points: morning, noon, afternoon & evening
Cafés, Beer Gardens & Restaurants with W-Lan-Point in the middle of a local sceene.

Best sceene to live & listen
Best Clubs & music locations

Best Places to work together
Conference rooms, venues, project-spaces, coworking-areas, stages

Best place to meet and visit
Best meeting points with landmark an Free-W-LAN.

Best & secure stops
Best places für parking a car, a motorbike or bicycle.

Best Booking & Ticketing
Booking-Services, Apps, Offers, Bonuses & Voucher

Best Platforms, Shops & Apps
Best Internet-Services and Applications, best Apps & Online-Shops

Application procedure & further informations for hosts, agencies and operators:

please contact:

Job opportunities:
Crowdworkers: Real-time-Scouting
Journalists & creative Storyteller
Best boy for Social Media Life-Op´s
Best girl for Social Media Life-Op´s
Video-Crew & Drone-Op´s
Special Effects Team & Videocutter
Head of Real-Time & Car Navigation Op´s
Geocaching Story-Developers & Actors
Information Officer (Amazon EC2 or Microsoft Azure)

Please contact:

Investors Relations: is the fundament of an new view of cíty-information and city-improvement-system: a mixed-media-scape.
A „real-time social information magazine“ is its front-End. The backend is the real world of people, city, things and screens. Its open for all interaktions & communications and all open-source media-services.

Investments & digital Cooperations
Approppriate for automobile industry, navigation & autonomous car solutions, brand improvement, media & publishing houses and others. will be founded as a international joint-stock company in spring 2016.

Investment oppurtunities: shares, cooperations, assets & financial investments. The company creates a system of synergy and a service-orientated mediaspacpe of mobile internet of people, things & screens. Storybook, proof of concept, could be adapted worldwide in all towns >1 Mio. people.

Registration: a non-disclosure agreement is required. Registration fee: 1.500,00 €.

The philosophy:
Be inspired, stay cool & innovative! Come to! – Integrate: Your visions and crazy inventions!